Mission & Goals 


Mission Statement
The mission of the Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance (HLAA) is to develop a network and sense of community among current and future Harvard alumni who identify as Latina/o/x; to increase Latino representation throughout the University; and to encourage Latino alumni involvement in University activities and affairs.
  • Promote, build, and maintain a national network of Harvard Latino alumni;
  • Enhance the visibility and promote the advancement of Harvard Latino alumni;
  • Develop a sense of community among Latino alumni, faculty, staff, and students;
  • Encourage alumni involvement in University affairs that affect Latinos;
  • Facilitate alumni engagement with undergraduate and graduate Latino student communities through mentoring, community building, and other volunteer activities;
  • Assist the University in the recruitment and retention of Latino candidates for undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as tenured faculty and administrative positions; and
  • Increase institutional attention to academic study, research, and policy matters impacting the Latino population of the United States.‚Äč
Relationship with Harvard University and Other Harvard Alumni Organizations and SIGs
HLAA interacts and cooperates with existing Harvard Latino communities including but not limited to the Harvard Business School Latino Alumni Association, Harvard Law School Latino Alumni Committee, First Generation Harvard Alumni SIG, Harvard Latin American Alumni and Friends SIG, the Association of Harvard Latino Faculty and Staff, and more than 20 undergraduate, graduate and cross-school student organizations.