H35e6bc_f4edc8dbc6e547d993bc9b05ae9240a1-mv2ow Many Latino Alums Are There?

Quantifying, identifying, and finding our fellow Latino alums is HLAA’s most significant challenge.  When HLAA was launched in late 2014 we had hoped the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) would be able to provide a list of Latino alums.  Unfortunately, HAA is still working on compiling such a list and when available HAA will help spread the word, but cannot release this information to us

How many Harvard Latino Alumni are there?  There is no accurate count, but we guesstimate that there may be as many as 16,000, representing about 5% of the approximately 300,000 Harvard alumni worldwide.  Founding HLAA Board Member, Cristiana Herndon, offers these rough estimates, which we consider plausible:

Est. Number of Latino Alumni by Decade


Graduating Years              Est. # Latino Alumni          Graduates Per Year

     2010-2016                                3,782                                      540

     2000-2009                                4,500                                      450

     1990-1999                                 3,500                                     350

     1980-1989                                 2,500                                     250

     1970-1979                                 1,500                                     150

     1960-1969                                    500                                       50

     TOTAL                                  16,282

Based on the estimated percentage of Latinos admitted to Harvard College and the various graduate schools in 2016, we estimate that about 550 Latinos become Harvard alumni each year.  HLAA welcomes your thoughts on ways to reach out to graduating Latinos in each of the schools.

Harvard School                               Est. Latino % Total                                  Est. #  Latino Graduates

                                                                 Enrollment                                                        2016       

Harvard College                                                10.5%                                                              174

Schools of Arts & Science/Engineering               5%                                                                 49

Business School                                                   5%                                                                 47

Law School                                                         6%                                                                 33

Kennedy School Public Policy                           10%                                                                58

School of Education                                           10%                                                                75

Divinity School                                                   8%                                                                10

School of Design                                                 4%                                                                12

Medical School (MD)                                          6%                                                                10

Medical School (other)                                        2%                                                                   1

School of Dental Medicine                                  2%                                                                   1

School of Public Health                                       5%                                                                25

Extension School                                                 6%                                                                47

Total                                                                   7%                                                               542

Harvard College                                                                                                                      32%

All Other Schools*                                                                                                                   68%

*Schools with Latino Alumni Organization(s)

HLAA cannot grow until we build our base. Please also help us identify fellow Latino alums by 1) sending us the names of Harvard Latino alums you went to school with or know in another capacity here;  2) sharing this newsletter; and 3) letting your friends and colleagues know about HLAA though social media.

With the first-ever all-school Latino alumni reunion planned for Spring 2019, its imperative that we find identify and reach out to the HLAA community. We need your help to do this.

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