Dear Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance Community, 


In these extraordinary times, HLAA is moving quickly to respond to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on Latinx students at Harvard. We deeply appreciate the efforts of the HLAA alumni community, Latinx student groups, and University faculty and staff who have demonstrated great thoughtfulness and compassion as we collectively work to assist students who are, as you read this, being displaced into a period of great uncertainty. 

Students at Harvard were directed to move out of their dorms by Sunday, March 15, 2020. Many are traveling home and need a place to store their things and need help with making and financing last-minute travel. Others need local accommodations, as not all students can return home. We understand that as students return home early, many have costs and needs outside the purview of the University including replacement sources of student job income. For the past week, HLAA has been physically active on campus, working with student organizations and our own students to ensure that their needs are met.

Additionally, HLAA has continued to advocate on behalf of students to the University, for clarification and additional resources. HLAA is in a unique position to assist Latinx students, especially those who identify as first-generation and low-income, with some of the costs that they have incurred and will incur during these tumultuous times. 

You can help provide immediate support to these students by making a donation via Paypal: Money collected will be used to meet the financial needs of students who seek assistance. We are working in tandem with student groups to make them aware of the availability of these funds.

If you and/or your alumni friends are able to help, please do so today.

Yours truly,

Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance Leadership


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